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demurrer sentence in Hindi

"demurrer" meaning in Hindi
  • In criminal law demurrer is obsolete, although not formally abolished.
  • Thus, for example, in Ohio demurrers are specifically prohibited.
  • Formerly the pleader had the fear of a demurrer before him.
  • We have confined the statement to facts admitted by the demurrer.
  • Judge Mathias Baldwin rejected the demurrer two weeks after the hearing.
  • Day countered with a demurrer, disputing Wolfe's account.
  • Paradoxically perhaps, the only demurrers are standard video dealers.
  • Demurrers are decided by a judge rather than a jury.
  • However, demurrers are prohibited in California in other family law actions.
  • As with the traditional demurrer, preliminary objections are regarded as pleadings.
  • Virginia filed a demurrer, which the trial court sustained.
  • After that, he survived by drafting summary judgments, demurrers, briefs.
  • And he issues a typically hair-splitting demurrer.
  • The AG filed its response to the Demurrer on November 4, 2016.
  • The defendants filed demurrers arguing that these laws infringed on states'rights.
  • She suggested a polite demurrer to such treatment.
  • The demurrer, of course, admits these allegations of fact to be true.
  • Numerous previous court ruling and decisions were cited in the Demurrer supporting this position.
  • Two other conservative journals, National Review and The Weekly Standard, added similar demurrers.
  • Milward, in support of the demurrer.
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