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English-Hindi > deracinate

deracinate meaning in Hindi

deracinate sentence in Hindi
1.They'll deracinate the flower of French chivalry for him.

2.The deracinated workers feel forlorn, if not outright hostile.

3.The Clintons have always seemed oddly deracinated and unmortgaged.

4.These deracinated, unemployed, humiliated Sunni Iraqi youth are our biggest problem today.

5.In a deracinated, normless world, it tells us where we have come from.

6.Watching deracinated Democrats, I began to long for the icons and the old bulls.

7.Yes, the character lived in a deracinated world, but was the criticism fair?

8.He is no deracinated television invention.

9.Country has been deracinated, and gospel has seemingly little more to offer than the already heard.

10."There's an interest in presenting the human figure in a totally deracinated kind of way,"

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pull up by or as if by the roots; "uproot the vine that has spread all over the garden"
Synonyms: uproot, extirpate, root out,

move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment; "The war uprooted many people"
Synonyms: uproot,

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