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dexterous sentence in Hindi

"dexterous" meaning in Hindidexterous in a sentence
  • The right hand, of course, is the more dexterous.
  • Long steps and dexterous hand movements are required for performing Veeranatyam.
  • It would require large stretches and dexterous leaps if done so.
  • This redundant structure gives the robot arms capability of dexterous manipulation.
  • It was good to be dexterous, positively evil to be otherwise.
  • For the dexterous, the Corkpopper can be operated with one hand.
  • He can be dexterous, and he can be insistent.
  • See the dexterous dachshund compete in the canine dance contest.
  • Then comes the fun, at least for the dexterous.
  • By very dexterous military and diplomatic operations Vitellius succeeded completely.
  • It produces a powerful, eerie sound in dexterous hands.
  • Fingers will be launched in 2003 and make the arm even more dexterous.
  • Yeung's dexterous manipulation makes puppetry look easy.
  • The most dexterous were able to do this standing on the horses back.
  • Perhaps the most important finding is that successful managers are dexterous symbol manipulators.
  • A dexterous character could traverse paths and enter rooms unavailable to the clumsy.
  • Kitonaks are very dexterous, but also very patient.
  • It was said that Cui spoke well and was dexterous in his reactions.
  • Thomas was a fine and dexterous surgeon who was equally skilled at diagnosis.
  • There are designs for the clumsy as well as the more dexterous among us.
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