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English-Hindi > dictionary order

dictionary order meaning in Hindi

dictionary order sentence in Hindi

dictionary    कोश कोष शब्दकोश
order    प्रणाली अनुशासन
1.Even if Unicode had adopted encoding according to spoken order, it would still be problematic to collate words in dictionary order.

2.Ding Fubao collected all available " Shuowen " materials, clipped and arranged them in the original dictionary order, and photolithographically printed a colossal edition.

3.There are 100-200 radicals ( 1st level ), you just can't remember the correct dictionary order of them unless you are truly insane.

4.In dictionary order, the word " Thomas " appears before " Thompson " because the letter'a'comes before the letter'p'in the alphabet.

5.The dictionary order of the modern " kana " system of Japanese writing is believed to be descended from the Indic scripts, most likely through the spread of Buddhism.

6.In collation, this means they have their own positions in the alphabet, for example at the end ( " A & ndash; ?" or " A & ndash; ?", not " A & ndash; Z " ) as in Swedish, Estonian and Finnish, which means that the dictionary order is different from German.

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