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English-Hindi > dictionnaire

dictionnaire meaning in Hindi

dictionnaire sentence in Hindi
1.The 2011 edition of the Dictionnaire Larousse incorporates all of the changes.

2.In 1996 he published " Dictionnaire du Surr�alisme ".

3.The 2009 edition of the Dictionnaire Le Robert incorporates most of the changes.

4.In 2005, he published the " Dictionnaire culturel en langue fran�aise ".

5.Dictionnaire Historique & Biographique de la Suisse by Aattinger, Godet and Turler . 1930]

6.He was one of the editors of " Dictionnaire de biographie fran�aise ".

7.He also completed the " Dictionnaire d Administration militaire " by Victor Saussine.

8.Voltaire mentioned the practice in his " Dictionnaire philosophique ", published in 1764.

9.In 1818 his best known work, " Dictionnaire Infernal ", was published.

10.This work was praised by Voltaire, writing in his " Dictionnaire Philosophique ".

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