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diradical sentence in Hindi

"diradical" meaning in Hindidiradical in a sentence
  • The diradical occurs in the two degenerate ? * antibonding orbitals.
  • Discrete molecules with a diradical nature are singlet oxygen and triplet oxygen.
  • This is because, as a diradical, it has unpaired electrons.
  • That is unless the potential energy surface is perturbed to favor the diradical.
  • The diradical ground-state normally undergoes abstraction reactions.
  • That's 8 orbitals, a double bond, and a diradical.
  • Although the Cope rearrangement is diradical.
  • These compounds generate the diradical intermediate described above which can cause single and double stranded DNA cuts.
  • However, depending on the nature of the dipole and dipolarophile, diradical or zwitterionic intermediates are possible.
  • These reaction mechanisms proceed through the lowest free energy transition states compared to the diradical and dyotropic mechanisms.
  • The following observations support the concerted pericyclic mechanism, and refute the stepwise diradical or the stepwise polar pathway.
  • Therefore, bound OCCO is formally a diradical, with an electronic structure motif similar to the oxygen molecule.
  • Oxygen is unique among most oxidisers in that it is a diradical, usually found in triplet oxygen state.
  • Many radiomimetic compounds are enediynes, which undergo the Bergman cyclization reaction to produce the para-benzyne diradical.
  • The p-benzyne diradical is highly reactive, and will abstract hydrogens from any possible hydrogen-donor.
  • This does not make sense to me-triplet oxygen cannot have a double bond and concurrently be a diradical.
  • The SiH 2 Na 2 dissolves in the mercury to generate the diradical SiH 2, which then forms the final products.
  • The HDDA [ 4 + 2 ] cycloaddition can occur via either a concerted pathway or a stepwise reaction, diradical pathway.
  • It is currently generally accepted that the Cope rearrangement follows an allowed concerted route through a homoaromatic transition state and not a diradical.
  • A major difficulty of [ 2 + 2 ] photocycloadditions is the possibility of side reactions associated with the diradical intermediate or excited enone.
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