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direct access sentence in Hindi

"direct access" meaning in Hindidirect access in a sentence
  • No direct access to the foreign drivers was granted during the trip.
  • Now Telecom Italia wants direct access to its mobile unit's cash flow.
  • I have discovered more and had direct access to artifacts and architecture.
  • The industries are more and more having direct access to our children,
  • Pacific Softworks provides systems, not content or direct access to the Internet.
  • Vinoly also tried in vain to negotiate direct access from the street.
  • The eastern footpath gives direct access to both city rail station platform.
  • The Oceania conference has been lobbying for direct access to the finals.
  • Now, for the first time, we have direct access to the West.
  • There is no direct access from MD 414 to southbound MD 5.
  • With the treaty, Ecuador also lost direct access to the Amazon River.
  • The National Park is quite extensive and has no direct access roads.
  • Direct access contrasts with the sequential access method used in tape drives.
  • A seaward gate gave direct access to the imperial harbour of Bucoleon.
  • The IBM 3380 Direct Access Storage Device was introduced in June 1980.
  • The direct access from penthouse used to be the Pigeon lofts.
  • Those terms do not imply direct access to the database concerned.
  • China Internet doesn't offer Chinese users direct access to the Internet.
  • The treaty deprived Russia of direct access to the Baltic Sea.
  • The possibility of direct access to the Civil Service is established.
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