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English-Hindi > disclaim

disclaim meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ dis'kleim ]  sound:  
disclaim sentence in Hindi
1.Albright was right to disclaim any interest in the Czech presidency.

2."Why didn't he publicly disclaim those protests?

3.Liberia's government disclaims responsibility for Liberian fighters'participation.

4.Liberia's government disclaims responsibility for participation by Liberian fighters.

5.Our post-modern equivalent is to disclaim its reality.

6.He disclaims any involvement with the Curse, but Emmo has friends.

7.Decolonization allowed the colonizer to disclaim responsibility for the colonized.

8.Lavery disclaims any interest in or involvement with Crystal Kingsley.

9.A state which disclaims those responsibilities violates its own principles.

10.He disclaims the notions of Monkey, but a Walrus.

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make a disclaimer about; "He disclaimed any responsibility"

renounce a legal claim or title to

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