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dismals sentence in Hindi

"dismals" meaning in Hindidismals in a sentence
  • That dismal performance may cost pitching coach Claude Osteen his job.
  • It has been nearly nine months since this dismal affair began.
  • Hygienic conditions were often dismal, and child mortality was high.
  • They have a dismal record, and can certainly do better.
  • In particular, luxury imports from Japan had a dismal month.
  • After all, Robinson's last Rams teams were dismal.
  • Munick said the last two dismal seasons will not affect negotiations.
  • Gramm pushed those hot buttons often, but with dismal results.
  • But India's record with coalition governments has been dismal.
  • The dismal at-bats followed him to his hotel room.
  • With dismal ratings, the series was yanked off the air.
  • A ray of light did shine in that otherwise dismal performance.
  • "It was pretty dismal, " he said.
  • They don't call it the dismal science for nothing.
  • This has been one of the more dismal funds in existence.
  • After my dismal experience with " Infinite Jest,"
  • In Washington state, though, it's not dismal.
  • Not everyone at OOBR can match his tolerance for dismal theater.
  • Gold has been a dismal investment in the past few years.
  • Daily trading in the company's stock has been dismal.
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