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English-Hindi > display panel

display panel meaning in Hindi

display panel sentence in Hindi
प्रदर्श पट्टिका

पदर्श पैनल
display    दिखाव धूमधाम
panel    अभियुक्त पैनल
1.Demand for products used for electronic display panels weakened, the company said.

2.The company makes thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal-display panels, used most commonly as computer screens.

3.None of the liquid crystal display panels withered when sunlight poured in.

4.Next to the liquid display panel is the Suspend / Resume button.

5.IBM also is a major manufacturer of high-quality liquid crystal display panels.

6.The lamps illuminated digits on a display panel corresponding to the number dialed.

7.Employees were asked to put together two display panels of their best work.

8.The display panel uses ten-bit processing and offers the 120 Hz MotionFlow technology.

9.You have to have a display panel, so you know who is calling.

10.Above the door is an oval LCD display panel called the Digital Dashboard.

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a vertical surface on which information can be displayed to public view
Synonyms: display board, board,

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