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English-Hindi > panel

panel meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'pænl ]  sound:  
verb past tense: paneled   verb past participle: paneled   noun plural: panels   verb present participle: paneling   
panel sentence in Hindi
1.Y co-ordinate of panel, starting from the bottom of the screen
पैनल का Y निर्देशांक, स्क्रीन के नीचे से आरंभ.

2.X co-ordinate of panel, starting from the right of the screen
पैनल का X निर्देशांक, स्क्रीन के नीचे से आरंभ.

3.Each panels grill made from mosaic fine work.
हरेक फलक की जाली पच्चीकारी के महीन कार्य से गठित है।

4.Unable to open desktop file %s for panel launcher%s%s
डेस्कटॉप फ़ाइल %s पटल लांचर %s%s हेतु खोलने में अक्षम

5.Move between panels and the desktop, using a popup window
पटल तथा डेस्कटॉप के बीच पॉपअप के प्रयोग से खिसकाएँ

6.No URI provided for panel launcher desktop file
पटल लांचर डेस्कटॉप फ़ाइल हेतु कोई यूआरआई नहीं दिया है

7.About 4,60,000 solar panels are there.
अबतक लगभग ४६०००० सौर-पाचक बिक्री किए जा चुके हैं।

8.Force the panel to not be automatically restarted
स्वतः फिर आरंभ करने के लिए पैनल को बाध्य करें

9.Use custom font name for language panel
भाषा पटल के लिए मनपसंद फ़ॉन्ट नाम का प्रयोग करें

10.Move backward between panels and the desktop immediately
पटल तथा डेस्कटॉप के बीच तत्काल पीछे जाएँ

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electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices; "he checked the instrument panel"; "suddenly the board lit up like a Christmas tree"
Synonyms: control panel, instrument panel, control board, board,

(computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user; after the information has been provided the user dismisses the box with `okay'' or `cancel''
Synonyms: dialog box,

a piece of cloth that is generally triangular or tapering; used in making garments or umbrellas or sails
Synonyms: gore,

sheet that forms a distinct (usually flat and rectangular) section or component of something

a soft pad placed under a saddle

a group of people gathered for a special purpose as to plan or discuss an issue or judge a contest etc

(law) a group of people summoned for jury service (from whom a jury will be chosen)
Synonyms: venire,

a committee appointed to judge a competition
Synonyms: jury,

select from a list; "empanel prospective jurors"
Synonyms: empanel, impanel,

decorate with panels; "panel the walls with wood"

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