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English-Hindi > divaricate

divaricate meaning in Hindi

divaricate sentence in Hindi
1.It grows up to 2 m in a densely branching and divaricating form.

2.It has a strongly divaricating habit with interlaced branched.

3.This species has a divaricating habit that lasts for the life of the shrub.

4.Divaricate branching is roughly horizontal, usually only diverging about 15 degrees upward or downward.

5.This species is divaricate with discontinuous contours.

6.It has a divaricating small leaved habit while young until it gets to about high.

7.The branches of this shrub are woody and rigid, divaricate, and sometimes spinescent.

8."C . rotundifolia " can grow up to 5 metres tall with divaricating branches.

9.The panicle itself is open and ovate, and is long while its divaricate branches are long.

10.Matagouri is a tangle-branched, extremely thorny, divaricating shrub or small tree up to five metres tall.

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spread apart; "divaricate one''s fingers"

branch off; "The road divaricates here"

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