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English-Hindi > dizzying

dizzying meaning in Hindi

dizzying sentence in Hindi
1.The planet has been on a dizzying downhill plunge ever since.

2.But the direction of the Gator season goes beyond dizzying numbers.

3.As a result, the reception totals mount at dizzying rates.

4.Bocca whirled away at high speed in a delightfully dizzying manner.

5.The attention is, at times, dizzying, he says.

6.VIOLENCE Very loud shootouts, dizzying chases and some grizzly corpses.

7.Then there is the dizzying voting system known as proportional representation.

8.But he also scrutinizes something equally dizzying : the Electoral College.

9.These are dizzying days for the four members of TV Fifty.

10.The opportunities for shouting matches about DNA evidence alone are dizzying.

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