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English-Hindi > domiciled

domiciled meaning in Hindi

domiciled sentence in Hindi
1.These were stored by hanging on the walls of their domiciles.

2.However, residents could have been be domiciled here well before.

3.It is the first Gorkha battalion comprising only locally domiciled Gurkhas.

4.The lake is ringed with seasonal and year-round domiciles.

5.He made this place his domicile and named himself after it.

6.In each region, Onder Afdeling Controlur domiciled or Gezag Hebber.

7.For estate tax purposes, the government applies the rule of domicile.

8.You have to prove that you abandoned your domicile in New York.

9.The job of president is domiciled in Washington, D . C.

10.They were the first group to announce moving their domicile.

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