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domicilium sentence in Hindi

"domicilium" meaning in Hindi
  • The domain is managed on a daily basis by Domicilium, an island-based internet service provider.
  • The concept of legal abode such as " Domicilium " or today's usage " Domicile " is a documented and legal standard, common in Western society for thousands of years.
  • An early reference to " domicilium " is found in the Lex Plautia Papiria, a Roman plebiscite enacted in 89 BC . Under this law, Italian communities that had previously been denied could now gain citizenship.
  • ""'Domicilium Decoratus : Hillcrest Estate, Beverly Hills, California " "'is a 2006 book on interior design by noted designer Kelly Wearstler, featuring her own home in Beverly Hills, California as the subject of the book.
  • One or both parties to a contract may demand the other nominate a " domicilium citandi et executandi ", typically in order to expedite later legal procedures relating to a contract by making it impossible for a party to claim that a legal notice was not received.
  • The colonists generally sought to acquire title to the lands that they occupied in the early years, although they also practiced a policy that historian Alfred Cave calls " vacuum domicilium " : if land is not under some sort of active use, it is free for the taking.
  • In 1232, he convinced the lord of the Chateau de Montsegur, Raymond de P�reille ( Ramond de Perella ), to allow him to set up the " house and head " ( domicilium et caput ) of the Cathar church at the stronghold, and subsequently the site attracted Cathar refugees and faidits.
  • For instance, the delivery of a legal notice to the address of the " domicilium citandi et executandi " of a party to a contract can be considered legally sufficient for that notice to be considered received by that party, without the need for the person giving notice actually to find the person.

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