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English-Hindi > drawing

drawing meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'drɔ:iŋ ]  sound:  
noun plural: drawings   
drawing sentence in Hindi
1.Drawing closer , he asked , ” But where was the hockey ?
लेकिन उन्होंने पूछा , ' ' लेकिन हॉकी कहां थी ?

2.My drawings got to star in the movie too.
मेरे बनाए चित्र भी इस फ़िल्म मे प्रदर्शित किए है

3.It mixed with my earlier passion for drawing,
यह मेरे पहले के चित्रकारी के जूनून से मिल गया,

4.Stage 3 : Drawing up a flow diagram .
स्टेज ३ : फ्लोडाराग्राम ( प्रवाह चार्ट ) बनाना

5.Stage 3 : Drawing up a flow diagram .
स्टेज ३ : फ्लोडाराग्राम ( प्रवाह चार्ट ) बनाना

6.Stage 3: Drawing up a flow diagram.
स्टेज ३ :फ्लोडाराग्राम (प्रवाह चार्ट) बनाना

7.Drawing: moving images of the past (1941) and Lines of Memory (1943)
रेखाचित्र: अतीत के चलचित्र (१९४१) और स्मृति की रेखाएं (१९४३)

8.I took my rough drafts of drawings out of my pocket .
मैंने रेखाचित्र जेब से निकाले ।

9.Drawing user interface…
उपयोगकर्ता का अंतरफलक चित्रित हो रहा है…

10.Stage 3 : Drawing up a flow diagram .
स्टेज : फ्लोडाराग्राम ( प्रवाह चार्ट )

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the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
Synonyms: draft, draught,

act of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid from a source; "the drawing of water from the well"
Synonyms: drawing off,

players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed by casting lots
Synonyms: lottery,

the creation of artistic pictures or diagrams; "he learned drawing from his father"
Synonyms: draftsmanship, drafting,

a representation of forms or objects on a surface by means of lines; "drawings of abstract forms"; "he did complicated pen-and-ink drawings like medieval miniatures"

an illustration that is drawn by hand and published in a book, magazine, or newspaper; "it is shown by the drawing in Fig. 7"

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