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English-Hindi > dressing down

dressing down meaning in Hindi

dressing down sentence in Hindi
• कपड़ा
• निंदा
• फटकार
• मलामत
• झिड़की
• डाँट फटकार
dressing    परिधान मसाला
down    निगलकर शरीर के
1.Then in the period of the war years, everybody was dressing down.

2.Americans'fondness for dressing down is driving up the stock of weekend wear.

3.He went in search of encouragement but instead got a dressing down.

4.Women may be suiting up this fall, but men are dressing down.

5.Fashion is doing a 180-degree turn from dressing down to dressing up.

6.Coop is giving Jimmy a dressing down for accepting fifty'dirty'bucks a week.

7.Dressing down works pretty well when everyone is on the same wavelength.

8.Following are some tips on dressing down on Casual Friday at work.

9.Dressing down is a practice even formerly silk-stocking law firms have endorsed.

10."I love dressing in jeans and dressing down, " she said.


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