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English-Hindi > drumbeater

drumbeater meaning in Hindi

drumbeater sentence in Hindi
1.Never mind that QVC has been the industry's leading drumbeater.

2.Would thwarting Alda's ratings uber alles drumbeater really make a difference?

3.Britain has persistently produced the biggest tribal drumbeaters in all of Europe in the past 400 years.

4.Although WEFA analysts are making educated guesses, they're probably more scientifically credible than claims made by global-warming drumbeaters.

5.Three stories-The Blushing Camel, Drumbeaters Island, and the Cameleers  followed the adventures of young Alexander Brassgat living on an island off the Florida coast.

6.A tireless drumbeater for Campbell, the peripatetic, Australian-born Johnson " was an incredible leader and spokesman for the company, very outspoken and high profile,"

7.He joined with Matthiessen and Plimpton in 1953 to establish " The Paris Review ", an English-language literary magazine for " the good writers and good poets, the non-drumbeaters and non-axe grinders.

8.Now it can be told, this dirty little secret that would have caused pro basketball drumbeaters of the'50s and'60s to choke on their wishbones : " He's a friend of mine, " says Russell.

9.Not wishing to take another tomahawk between the eyes, Stan Herman and Fern Mallis, the council's principal organizers and drumbeaters, evidently agreed that faster was indeed better and saw to it that the night ended, shock, by 10 : 15.

10."The Paris Review " hopes to emphasize creative work fiction and poetry not to the exclusion of criticism, but with the aim in mind of merely removing criticism from the dominating place it holds in most literary magazines . [ & ] I think " The Paris Review " should welcome these people into its pages : the good writers and good poets, the non-drumbeaters and non-axe-grinders.

a fervent and even militant proponent of something
Synonyms: partisan, zealot,

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