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English-Hindi > dulcinea

dulcinea meaning in Hindi

dulcinea sentence in Hindi
1.As clever as it is, the " Dulcinea"

2.Among them is Dulcinea and Don Quixote kneels before his beloved.

3.Dulcinea signed choreographies in over twenty musical comedy and television productions.

4.Mitchell portrays the idealistic Don Quixote and Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio is his beloved Dulcinea.

5.The production starred Anthony Warlow as Quixote and Amber Iman as Aldonza / Dulcinea.

6.Don Quixote, true to his romantic tendencies, puts Dulcinea on a pedestal.

7.Don Quixote then encounters traders from Toledo, who " insult " the imaginary Dulcinea.

8.In December 2015, the IAU announced the winning name was Dulcinea for this planet.

9.Grace Kelly made an appearance as Dulcinea.

10.Through a similar growing club concept, Dulcinea introduced the'Rosso Bruno'tomato.

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a woman who is a man''s sweetheart
Synonyms: ladylove,

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