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English-Hindi > eagernesses

eagernesses meaning in Hindi

eagernesses sentence in Hindi
1.Even his fellow mafiosi were shocked by his eagerness to kill.

2."I didn't sense either eagerness or reluctance.

3.West's eagerness could just as well be termed urgency.

4.Still, there's eagerness to return to creature comforts.

5.Federal authorities are not alone in their eagerness to question Trie.

6.His expression showed pride, eagerness, sagacity and intellectual alertness.

7.His eagerness to bring the two antagonists to agreement is understandable.

8.Still, eagerness here is streaming like sap from a maple.

9.That eagerness to color outside the lines began early for Randall.

10.Its ragtag optimism and puppylike eagerness to please are somewhat redeeming.

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