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English-Hindi > earlobe

earlobe meaning in Hindi

earlobe sentence in Hindi
• लोलकी
• कर्णपाली
1.Fist-size balsa wood ornaments hung in their distended earlobes.

2.The earlobe is inserted between these two parts of the instrument.

3.A cultural feature on Easter Island was enlonging of the earlobe.

4.For a baby boy, the right earlobe is pierced first.

5.He licks a male publicist on an earlobe to reward a suggestion.

6.He wears a hoop through each earlobe and a backward baseball cap.

7.Imagine The Mick with a gold loop danging from his left earlobe.

8.The holes in his earlobes can stretch to fit a soda can.

9.Protect the oft-neglected eyelids, earlobes and lips.

10.He smiled, small silver earrings glinting from each earlobe.

the fleshy pendulous part of the external human ear
Synonyms: ear lobe,

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