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English-Hindi > earmarks

earmarks meaning in Hindi

earmarks sentence in Hindi
• चिह्न
• छाप
• निशान
• पृथग्-रक्षित
• लक्षण
• दाग़

• चिन्हित करना
• रक्षित करना
• कर्णांक
• दाग़ना
• अलग करना
• निर्धारित करना
• तय करना
• अलग रखना
• पृथग्-रक्षित करना
1.The resignation has all the earmarks of an unpleasant corporate development.

2.This has all the earmarks of a disservice to the public,

3.The bill earmarks the proceeds for private groups that support adoption.

4.It had all the earmarks of somebody who is extremely disturbed,

5.That concision is one of the earmarks of an urban legend.

6.It has all the earmarks of a win-win deal.

7.I just felt that he had all the earmarks of greatness.

8.The number that seek earmarks, including BU, is growing.

9.But Setzer noted DOT earmarks money within divisions, not counties.

10.It does have all the earmarks of controlled flight into terrain,

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