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English-Hindi > easy-chair

easy-chair meaning in Hindi

easy-chair sentence in Hindi
• आराम कुर्सी
1.This may properly be called the revolutions of a life between the fireside and the easy - chair

2.But the easy - chair of the old man was heard rolling along the floor , and he soon made his appearance in the room

3.At the first sight of his old friend , danglars assumed his majestic air , and settled himself in his easy - chair

4.The library looked tranquil enough as i entered it , and the sibyl - if sibyl she were - was seated snugly enough in an easy - chair at the chimney - corner

5.An easy - chair was near the bed - head : a man sat in it , dressed with the exception of his coat ; he was still ; his head leant back ; his eyes were closed

6.Pierre arrived just at dinner - time , and awkwardly sat down in the middle of the drawing - room in the first easy - chair he came across , blocking up the way for every one

7.By its side , on her knees , and with her head buried in the cushion of an easy - chair , was valentine , trembling and sobbing , her hands extended above her head , clasped and stiff

8.Scarcely less prominent was an ample cushioned easy - chair near the head of the bed , also white , with a footstool before it ; and looking , as i thought , like a pale throne

9.Talk with the friend of her childhood , anna mihalovna , whom she had not seen properly since she had arrived from petersburg . anna mihalovna , with her tear - worn and amiable face , moved closer up to the countesss easy - chair

10.The richest turkey carpets covered the floor , and the softest and most inviting couches , easy - chairs , and sofas , offered their high - piled and yielding cushions to such as desired repose or refreshment

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