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English-Hindi > econometric analysis

econometric analysis meaning in Hindi

econometric analysis sentence in Hindi

अर्धमितिपरक विश्लेषण
econometric    अर्थमितीय
analysis    विश्लेषण
1.Econometric analysis of DSGE models suggested that real factors sometimes affect the economy.

2.Using Econometric analysis has provided empirical support for the Powers-Shubik rule.

3.However, economic models and econometric analysis have found weak support for the " supply side " theory.

4.For instance it could be the answers to a survey or economic data in an econometrics analysis.

5.He was a pioneer in the econometric analysis of the main factors associated with growth in the modern era.

6.Within the program, students devote their training towards solving theoretical and practical issues in finance, economics, management science, and econometric analysis.

7.Greene is the author of a popular graduate-level econometrics textbook : " Econometric Analysis, " which has run to seven editions.

8.The authors say their study is the first rigorous econometric analysis on the topic, and it that the received wisdom may require some revision.

9.Elsewhere in the agency, Soviet statistical manuals ( when they were available ) were subjected to econometric analysis, and satellite imagery was used to measure floor space in factories and deduce production capacities.

10.An econometric analysis by University of Greenwich economists found that although inflation targeting results in higher economic growth, it does not necessarily guarantee stability based on their study of 36 emerging economies from 1979 to 2009.

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