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English-Hindi > econometrics

econometrics meaning in Hindi

econometrics sentence in Hindi
1.Simply speaking, econometrics is the application of statistics to economics.

2.The body of statistical techniques used in economics is called econometrics.

3.He served as the president of the Econometric Society in 1983.

4.In 2011, he served as President of the Econometric Society.

5.His research focuses on microeconomics, econometrics, and health economics.

6.The truncated normal distribution has wide applications in statistics and econometrics.

7.Wright was elected a Fellow of the Econometric Society in 1997.

8.As an academic he specialized in financial institutions and in econometrics.

9.In econometrics  the use of how much labor to hire.

10.These issues crop up in areas where econometrics and statistics intersect.

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the application of mathematics and statistics to the study of economic and financial data

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