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English-Hindi > economic adjustment

economic adjustment meaning in Hindi

economic adjustment sentence in Hindi

आर्थिक समायोजन
economic    अर्थकर लाभकर
adjustment    एकीकरण निपटारा
1."The economic adjustments package does not cause social unrest, " he said.

2.The first study will be on the exchange rate and macro-economic adjustment.

3.During an economic adjustment period, bankruptcies and unemployment are bound to be higher,

4.Also under the team is the Maryland Economic Adjustment Financing Committee.

5.All these economic adjustments are being made on the backs of the worker.

6.Another significant event for this year is the'economic adjustment'that is currently being experienced.

7.Hong Kong has made substantial economic adjustments over the past year.

8.Establishing democratic legitimacy could bring increased foreign investment, making economic adjustment considerably less painful.

9.However, the huge economic adjustment Poland underwent created massive anxiety.

10.Malaysians have little choice but to acknowledge economic adjustments and trim their lifestyles accordingly.

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