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English-Hindi > economic adviser

economic adviser meaning in Hindi

economic adviser sentence in Hindi

आर्थिक सलाहकार
economic    अर्थकर लाभकर
adviser    परामर्शदाता
1.Just maybe Bob Dole and his economic advisers have a solid point.

2.Bradley insisted that his economic advisers have given a realistic cost estimate.

3.Other speakers include Clinton administration Council of Economics Advisers Chairman Janet Yellen.

4.These councils will be in addition to economic advisers Vajpayee already has.

5.White House economic advisers met Tuesday to consider a host of options.

6.This much has been confirmed by White House economic adviser Larry Lindsey.

7.Razafimahaleo was economic adviser to President Didier Ratsiraka from 1989 to 1991.

8.Other speakers include Clinton administration Council of Economics Advisers Chairwoman Janet Yellen.

9.Kujtim Dobruna serves as Economic Adviser to President Jahjaga since 2014.

10.Fayad has been an economic adviser to the World Bank since the 1980s.

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