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English-Hindi > emaciate

emaciate meaning in Hindi

emaciate sentence in Hindi
• क्षीण
• दुबला
• कृश
• क्षीण करना
• निर्बल करना
• दुर्बल करना
• क्षीण मांस होना
• दुबला होना
1.Evidence of disease could indicate an abnormal, perhaps emaciated appearance.

2.Tourist guide Carlos Aguiar recalls losing 40 pounds and looking emaciated.

3.The pediatric ward already was tending to emaciated children from Afghanistan.

4.Victims become feverish and lose their appetites, eventually becoming emaciated.

5.At the meeting, Lempke finds Billy emaciated and near death.

6.They found him finally in a cave, sick and emaciated.

7.The thirteen Jews, though emaciated and weak, were free.

8.While being somewhat scrappy and emaciated, she is nearly unkillable.

9.Rink, tall and thin, was almost emaciated in frame.

10.She was criticized by poet Th�ophile Gautier for her emaciated appearance.

grow weak and thin or waste away physically; "She emaciated during the chemotherapy"

cause to grow thin or weak; "The treatment emaciated him"
Synonyms: waste, macerate,

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