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English-Hindi > embryonal carcinoma

embryonal carcinoma meaning in Hindi

embryonal carcinoma sentence in Hindi

भ्रूणीय कार्सिनोमा
embryonal    अविकसित भ्रूणीय
carcinoma    एक प्रकार का
1.When embryonal carcinoma cells are cultured at high density, they would start differentiation process.

2.Cultured embryonal carcinoma were stained with either DiI ( red ) or DiO ( green ).

3.CD117 antibodies can also be used in the diagnosis of mast cell tumours and in distinguishing seminomas from embryonal carcinomas.

4.It is expressed in embryonal carcinoma but not in seminoma and is thus a useful marker in distinguishing between these germ cell tumors.

5.Testicular embryonal carcinoma occurs mostly ( 84 % ) as a component of a mixed germ cell tumor, but 16 % are pure.

6.Since embryonal carcinoma can differentiate into cells of all three germ layers, P19 cells can also differentiate into those ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm-like cells.

7.Histologically, embryonal carcinoma appears similar to the embryonic disc, made up of epithelial, anaplastic cells in disorganized sheets, with gland-like spaces and papillary structures.

8.Occasionally, embryonal carcinoma develops predominantly in the context of polyembryoma-like ( 6 % ) and diffuse embryoma-like ( " necklace " pattern ) ( 3 % ) proliferations.

9.Males with embryonal carcinoma tend to have a normal range serum AFP . The finding of elevated AFP is more suggestive of a mixed germ cell tumour, with the AFP being released by a yolk sac tumour component.

10.Because undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells have elevated levels of alkaline phosphatase on their cell membrane, therefore alkaline phosphatase staining is used to detect these cells and to test pluripotency ( i . e ., embryonic stem cells or embryonal carcinoma cells ).

malignant neoplasm of the testis

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