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English-Hindi > emigre

emigre meaning in Hindi

noun plural: emigres   
emigre sentence in Hindi
1.What followed was the saga of an entire emigre nation-men and women , young and old , the soldier , the labourer , the peasant , the businessman , the professional and all-merging their identity with the mother nation and throwing in all their resources for its liberation .
इसके बाद का घटनाक्रम एक समूचे प्रवासी राष्ट्र-Zस्त्रियों , पुरुषों , युवाओं , वृद्धों , सैनिकों , श्रमिकों , कृषकों , व्यापारियों , विशिष्टकर्मियों और बाकी तमाम लोगों के एकरूप होकर मातृभूमि की मुक़्ति के लिए सर्वस्व दांव पर लगा देने की शौर्य-गाथा है .

someone who leaves one country to settle in another
Synonyms: emigrant, emigree, outgoer,

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