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emolument sentence in Hindi

"emolument" meaning in Hindi
  • The employer is known as the emoluments attachment debtor or garnishee.
  • Emolument . com also regularly publishes league tables of best paying universities.
  • PSE emoluments have risen faster than the consumer price index since the 1970s.
  • Lords of Appeal in Ordinary were entitled to emoluments.
  • The emoluments of these offices were all spent in relieving needy English Catholics.
  • These were suppressed in 1861 and the Emoluments carried to the Scholarship Fund.
  • It examined armed forces emoluments and made recommendations.
  • Examples of items that are material by nature are bank balances and directors emoluments.
  • There was no rectory house, and the emolument was about ?00 a year.
  • _receipt of emoluments from a foreign power in violation of Article I, section 9
  • He also assigned to them certain emoluments.
  • The managements'suggestions on the revised pay structure will significantly alter executive-level emoluments.
  • His titles, honors and emoluments were retained by him for the remainder of his life.
  • The latter was to assume all duties immediately, but would receive none of the emoluments.
  • He resigned in 1922, when he accepted of an office of emolument under the Crown.
  • His resignation of congregational emolument was absolute; for twenty years he served his congregation gratuitously.
  • However, we are not advocating downsizing or salary cuts, but rather a moratorium on emoluments.
  • He continued to receive emoluments from the office of Speaker, such as those for private bills.
  • The various officials of the Board were compensated with pensions for their loss of salary and emoluments.
  • Another grouse is the increasing tendency of the government to link management emoluments with those of civil servants.
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