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English-Hindi > enactments

enactments meaning in Hindi

enactments sentence in Hindi
1.Judged by these standards, FIRREA was a general regulatory enactment.

2.Last Sunday's re-enactment lasted about 45 minutes.

3.The re-enactment was fought on a neatly cleared field.

4.None of that, though, is likely to prevent enactment.

5.I wonder if there will be a costumed re-enactment.

6.Senate passage gives it its best chance of enactment in years.

7.Re-enactments are dimly lit; jazz underscores the mood.

8.Then to re-enactments of Titanic passengers descending the staircase.

9.He conceived the re-enactment before the invasion of Iraq.

10.They said the add-ons threatened enactment of the legislation.

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