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English-Hindi > enameled brick

enameled brick meaning in Hindi

enameled brick sentence in Hindi

इनैमलित ईट
enameled    एनामेल पेंट मीना
brick    खिलौना रोड़ा ईंट
1.The dining room walls rise to a vaulted ceiling; both are covered in white enameled brick.

2.I have completed its magnificence with silver, gold, other metals, stone, enameled bricks, fir and pine.

3.The circular, green-enameled brick minaret rises above the southern pier of the portal, carried on a circular stone base of black and white stone.

4.The Alexandria depot had mosaic tile floors, birch woodwork, enameled brick wainscoting, and comfortable furniture, and it was located conveniently next to a nearby park.

5.;El Dorado Hotel : 416 S . Spring Street  Originally known as the "'Hotel Stowell "', the 12-story hotel was built in 1913 and designed by Frederick Noonan with a highly stylized and brightly colored facade, enameled brick and terra cotta.

6.By 1912, AT & SF announced plans to build a new union depot in Galveston that would also house the offices of GC & SF . Their plans were for an eight-story fireproof building made of steel-reinforced concrete and faced with white enameled brick.

7.The bottlers claimed it had " special medicinal properties . " When Dr . George Hopkins of Brooklyn ran the Colonial Springs bottling works, " A bottling house was built and the springs were welled in with enameled brick and covered with glass tops ."

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