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English-Hindi > enamelled

enamelled meaning in Hindi

enamelled sentence in Hindi
1.The badge is suspended by an enamelled laurel and oak wreath.

2.The angels are enamelled in 24-carat gold dust.

3.Rank was indicated on a small enamelled brooch worn near the neck.

4.Intricate coloured enamelled cufflinks in every conceivable geometric pattern were especially popular.

5.One variety of method was introduced in his enamelled work.

6.Officers'shako plates were gilt and had enamelled centres.

7.The altar front, featuring Our Lady, is enamelled.

8.The central star on its obverse was enamelled in red.

9.Large stones were frequently set in box-bezels on enamelled rings.

10.Schmieding was the first German company offering enamelled heavy-duty fittings.

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