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English-Hindi > encamp

encamp meaning in Hindi

encamp sentence in Hindi
1.If a host encamp against me, I shall not fear.

2.I said, God, please encamp angels around my unborn child,

3.Grant instructed Nelson to encamp there instead of immediately crossing the river.

4.Lastly, table tennis took place at the Centre d'Encamp in Encamp

5.Lastly, table tennis took place at the Centre d'Encamp in Encamp

6.Khan took Peitan and crossed the ghat at Teesgam to encamp at Bingar.

7.The road is situated between Any�s to the west and Encamp to the east.

8.Facing FC Encamp after two games UE Extremenya lost in the aggregate of 2 5.

9.Encamp kept their spot in Primera Divisi?by winning on aggregate 5 2 against Extremenya.

10.Encamp is from the capital city and the lake is a further by cable way.

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live in or as if in a tent; "Can we go camping again this summer?"; "The circus tented near the town"; "The houseguests had to camp in the living room"
Synonyms: camp, camp out, bivouac, tent,

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