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English-Hindi > enchantments

enchantments meaning in Hindi

enchantments sentence in Hindi
1."Necessary Weather " depicts a realm of enchantment.

2.A map that could recover that enchantment has never been drawn.

3.The old buildings and the new enclose a garden of enchantment.

4.Shared our enchantment with the snow monkeys outside of Nagano, to

5.-Charlotte Church, " Enchantment " ( Columbia)

6.This enchantment is described as an " ensnarement ".

7.In his feelings of enchantment he even contemplates love for her.

8.The sentiment of the enchantment follows that of the " Laertes.

9.They sing of the enchantment of the spring and the flowers.

10.Hayley was more than willing to sell Enchantment back to Erica.

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