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English-Hindi > engine room

engine room meaning in Hindi

engine room sentence in Hindi

इंजन कक्ष
engine    इंजन कल मशीन यंत्र
room    मौका स्थान खाली
1.He said initial indications suggested the explosion came from the engine room.

2.The report said the explosion probably happened in the ship's engine room.

3.The plan is to abandon ship because the engine room has flooded.

4.I saw my colleagues rushing toward the engine room through thick smoke,

5.To demonstrate how, he bundled his visitors down into the engine room.

6.Steam was normally transmitted to four engine rooms numbered 1 to 4.

7.Initial news reports said the fire broke out in the engine room.

8.Italian news reports said the fire broke out in the engine room.

9.The driver of the northbound train sought safety in the engine room.

10.It said one crew member was found dead in the engine room.

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a room (as on a ship) in which the engine is located
Synonyms: engineering,

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