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English-Hindi > engine shed

engine shed meaning in Hindi

engine shed sentence in Hindi

इंजन शेड
engine    इंजन कल मशीन यंत्र
shed    सायबान ओसारा
1.In 1895 a contract was let for extension of the engine shed.

2.The engine shed was closed in 1960 when the line was electrified.

3.A new engine shed was built alongside the earlier one in 1926.

4.Like many GER engine sheds a lot of facilities were very basic.

5.These consisted of a carriage and wagon works and Ipswich engine shed.

6.An engine shed was also located here, which remained open until 1882.

7.Intriguingly, the map also shows a building labelled " Engine Shed ".

8.Immediately to the north of the engine shed is a small stream.

9.A single track engine shed stood a short distance to the south.

10.The stock and engine shed are now at the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway.

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