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ent specialist sentence in Hindi

"ent specialist" meaning in Hindient specialist in a sentence
  • How do the patients of rhinosinusitis present to the ENT specialists?
  • Some ENT specialists occasionally use cocaine within the practice when performing procedures such as nasal cauterization.
  • Many patients directly report to the physician or ENT specialists with diagnose of sinusitis and ask for treatment.
  • There are many ENT specialist may be able to help, but the best treatment is the prevention of injuries through good vocal production.
  • The following Posts of Specialists are still vacant : Medical Specialist, Child Specialist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, pathologist, and radiologist.
  • Since the upper respiratory tract brooks a higher rate of environmental attack, the ENT specialists usually come across the infections first which will later affect the lung.
  • After the Medical Council of India and the then Dr . Jagdish Chaturvedi, an ENT specialist and a serial medtech innovator completed his undergraduate studies from this institute.
  • The content in that webpage is unique because the procedure described in the article was taught to me by a top ENT specialist who helped me recover from my illness.
  • Since the upper and lower respiratory tracts share the common defence mechanisms, defects in them will be reflected as infective presentation to either ENT Specialists or chest physician or both.
  • Ask your ENT specialist what he thinks of tissue salts if standard medicines like Stugeron don't work . talk ) 09 : 36, 10 November 2015 ( UTC)
  • In Kenya, Sound Seekers is involved with the University of Nairobi to help deliver the Audiology Diploma Course, working closely with the course director and a consultant ENT specialist to deliver the diploma.
  • But after much discussion with ENT specialists and after scanning the medical literature on the nose-I have understood that it is a highly controversial, misunderstood, non-researched and undefined topic.
  • Traditionally only ENT specialists ( otolaryngologists ) and otologists ( subspecialty ear doctors ) acquire binocular microscopes and the necessary skills and training to use them, and incorporate their routine use in evaluating patient's ear complaints.
  • In current practice urologists, gynecologists, ENT specialists, eye specialists, surgeons and other specialists all too often mention only the diseases related to  own field of specialization, passing on the discovery of other accompanying pathologies  under the control of other specialists.
  • "' Ramesh C . Deka "'(; born 1 October 1948 in Assam ) is an ENT specialist and the Ex-Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, which is globally recognised as the premier Medical Institute of India.
  • So naturally ENT specialists look for the principles of actiology, pathology, investigation and management of diseases of one tract reflected in the other . In fact, the complex relationship of sino-nasal disease and the chest disease is well exemplified by the presence of sinusitis in association with a purulent lung disease such as bronchiectasis, acute bronchitis and recurrent bronchitis.
  • Gurah has been studied by an ENT specialist from Gadjah Mada University, who said that " a patient with sinusitis will feel relief as the mucus can easily flow through the dilated blood vessels after application of the extract ", noting that the practitioner requires the patient to consume water before and after the treatment, due to the large amount of fluid loss through mucus produced.
  • The patient may present with one or more of the following : ( 1 ) Nasal obstruction-one or both sides . ( 2 ) Nasal discharge-watery or purulent ( 3 ) Itching in the nose or throat ( 4 ) Sneezing ( 5 ) Snoring ( 6 ) Facial pain and headache ( 7 ) Nose bleeding ( 8 ) Abnormal smell or difficulty in nasal smell ( 9 ) Foul-smelling nasal discharge ( 10 ) Weakness ( 11 ) Feverish condition ( 12 ) Cough ( 13 ) Feeling of something in the throat ( 14 ) Blocked feeling in the ear or pain in the ear etc . Whatever may be the clinical presentation, if the patients suffer with the above, he or she is advised to consult ENT specialists to get the timed diagnosis and its definitive treatment.

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