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entailment sentence in Hindi

"entailment" meaning in Hindientailment in a sentence
  • In practice, entailment may be checked with an incomplete method.
  • A simple test to differentiate presupposition from entailment is negation.
  • Discourse status is determined via the entailments of the context.
  • What are the words for the terms in an entailment?
  • Muggleton implemented Inverse entailment first in the PROGOL system.
  • Most common law countries have abolished entailment by statute.
  • In this case, presupposition remains under negation, but entailment does not.
  • Compare this methodological strategy for conditionals with that of first-degree entailment logics.
  • Ladusaw ( 1980 ) proposed that downward entailment is the property that licenses polarity items.
  • Some many-valued logics may have incompatible definitions of equivalence and order ( entailment ).
  • This distinguishes such inferences from entailment.
  • So, I am still back at square 0, trying to understand " entailment ".
  • His idea of indirect attribution ( 1981 ) is relevant to John Searle's " entailment.
  • On the other hand, I don't see any nice algebraic way of describing syntactical entailment.
  • Epistemic closure does not hold if one does not know all of the known entailments of a knowledge claim.
  • By the way, the definition with closure under " semantic " entailment was new to me.
  • On the other hand, Imparo is complete by both anti-entailment procedure and its extended inverse subsumption procedure.
  • They reverse the entailment relation of sentences formed with the predicates  run fast and  run, for example.
  • I like the algebraic description here, one reason being that it gives a concise way of defining semantic entailment.
  • Inheritance was by descent, but could be further restricted by entailment, which would restrict inheritance to male heirs only.
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