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English-Hindi > equanimous

equanimous meaning in Hindi

equanimous sentence in Hindi
1.The ten equanimous petals are indicative of PetroChina's ten consolidated core businesses.

2.According to Pali commentaries, breath meditation can lead one to the equanimous fourth jhanic absorption.

3.This is the state of being aware and equanimous to the complete experience of here and now.

4."He's such a nice young man, " said this most equanimous of managers.

5.Such awareness shines forth without fear, beyond words and thought, is calm and unwavering, equanimous, and full of light.

6.:Therefore, it seems that your inconformity is propelled by some personal, irrational phobia, rather than being based on any scientific, rational, equanimous assessment.

7.Rather than stressing ultimate spiritual goals such as full enlightenment, ending the cycles of rebirth, or attaining the various stages of sainthood, many Western teachers tend to stress the immediate benefits of mindfulness and untroubled, equanimous presence in the midst of life s vicissitudes.

8.Naavalar Somasundara Bharathiar said of him  " ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????a respectable elder with complete dual language knowledge, boundless knowledge of the books, refined sharp intelligence, unwavering judiciousness and equanimous ".

9.First he describes Ranganatha as gyan ( true and perfect knowledge ), Bhala or power, in this case ability to support the whole Universe, Aishwarya ( incomparable wealth and ruler ship of the Universe ), veerya ( untiring virility ), shakthi ( power to act without extraneous help ), agni ( unmatched radiance ), Souseelya ( purest character ), Vaatsalya ( pure unmitigated love ), Maardava ( affectionate tenderness towards devotees ), Aarjava ( honesty ), Souhardha ( thinking of good only ), Samya ( equanimous one ), Karunya ( Merciful ), Madhurya ( sweet even to enemies ), Gambheerya ( majesty and nobility ), Audharya ( giving out liberally ), Chathurya ( intelligence, ability to change even enemies into friends ), Sthairya ( determined to stay on chosen course ), Dhairya ( undaunted courage to bring succour to the bhakthas ), Sowrya ( ability to fight alone ), Parakrama ( winning the battles effortlessly ), Sathya Kaama ( having Thy will ever fulfilled ), Sathya Sankalpa ( having Thy deeds fully executed ), Krutithvam ( carrying out the duties of God ), Kruthangnathai ( remembering with gratitude even a little worship offered to Him ) and repository and ocean of all such innumerable virtues; He is parabrahman and Purushotthaman ( foremost of men ).

in full control of your faculties; "the witness remained collected throughout the cross-examination"; "perfectly poised and sure of himself"; "more self-contained and more dependable than many of the early frontiersmen"; "strong and self-possessed in the face of trouble"
Synonyms: collected, poised, self-collected, self-contained, self-possessed,

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