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equant sentence in Hindi

"equant" meaning in Hindiequant in a sentence
  • Equant shares had dropped about 70 percent thus far this year.
  • KLSE Chilong awards deal to upgrade data network to Equant, BUSINESS
  • Equant's competitors are not standing still, however.
  • Hyun Systems will use Equant's network mainly for Internet access.
  • In the past few weeks, Equant has announced partners that include:
  • France Telecom, Equant and Morgan Stanley declined to comment.
  • Equant has talked with numerous potential partners the last year.
  • Equant to focus on new approach, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  • France Telecom owns a 54-percent stake in Equant.
  • Equant's total revenue for 1998 was $ 723.7 million.
  • The company's name was changed to Equant Network Services in 1997.
  • By paying for Equant with shares, France Telecom avoided increasing its debt.
  • Monday, Equant shares soared by more than 20 percent before easing back.
  • Didier Delepine, president and CEO of Equant, said in the statement.
  • To alleviate the problem, Ptolemy developed the equant.
  • In it he drastically reformed the eccentric and equant by introducing extra epicycles.
  • In that case it is a synonym for equant.
  • According to the report, the more likely scenario is France Telecom buying Equant.
  • The agreement calls for Equant to install connections at 289 sites around the world.
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