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equation method sentence in Hindi

"equation method" meaning in Hindiequation method in a sentence
  • Intuitively, equation by equation methods discard the information available by not exploiting the given specification.
  • It was based on a sampling of 9.2 of the using the volume equation method.
  • He was the first mathematician to apply heat equation methods to the proof of the Index Theorem for elliptic operators.
  • It is closely related to method of moments, digitized Green's function, or volume integral equation method.
  • The simultaneous linear equations method of computing competitive ( relative ) prices in an equilibrium economy is today very well known.
  • Advances in computers made it simple for novices to apply structural equation methods in the computer-intensive analysis of large datasets in complex, unstructured problems.
  • Simultaneous equation methods are used in econometrics to estimate models in which multiple interdependent variables of interest are determined by equations involving each other and exogenous variables.
  • This puts SEM at a disadvantage with respect to systems of regression equation methods, though the latter are limited in their ability to fit unobserved'latent'constructs.
  • Most modern treatments of preferential attachment make use of the master equation method, whose use in this context was pioneered by Simon in 1955, in work on the distribution of sizes of cities and other phenomena.
  • A review examined whether hold tests, best estimate or regression equation methods were most accurate in predicting overall IQ ( full scale IQ ) as determined by Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale ( WAIS-R ) in a non-neurologically impaired population.
  • The analytic element method ( AEM ) and the boundary integral equation method ( BIEM  sometimes also called BEM, or Boundary Element Method ) are only discretized at boundaries or along flow elements ( line sinks, area sources, etc . ), the majority of the domain is mesh-free.

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