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equation of a line sentence in Hindi

"equation of a line" meaning in Hindiequation of a line in a sentence
  • I can't use the 2 point to find the equation of a line.
  • The same relation,, may be regarded as either the equation of a line or the equation of a point.
  • We have two cases : " L " may be 0, or it may be the equation of a line.
  • This is the equation of a line according to the definition and the complement is called the " line at infinity ".
  • There are many variant ways to write the equation of a line which can all be converted from one to another by algebraic manipulation.
  • The point-slope form of an equation forms an equation of a line, given a point ( H, K ) and slope M.
  • The equation of a line through the origin may be written where " n " and " m " are not both 0.
  • At the section here, it gives a method for determining the equation of a line that is tangent to two circles, and says that there are " two solutions ".
  • Now, the deal is, even though you can't " picture " a line in any more than three dimensions, " the rules for writing the equation of a line still apply in any number of dimensions ".

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