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English-Hindi > evitable

evitable meaning in Hindi

evitable sentence in Hindi
• परिहार्य
1.The vice president himself is unhappy that his inevitability has become evitable.

2.See also The Evitable Conflict for an example of use.

3.A coronation at the GOP Philadelphia convention has become both evitable and exorable.

4."Relocation has accelerated in evitable social change, " he said.

5.And then, when it was supposed to be over, it became evitable.

6.However, this is an evitable situation:

7.He said the painful, but evitable, economic adjustment would continue and understandably there was discontent.

8.A double happy ending is evitable when Aladdin gets clues of the whereabouts of his long-lost dad.

9.JEFES DE REDACCION : Por razones no evitables, la columna de Hernando de Soto para febrero no va ser disponible.

10.Hence, among the various stages of life, it is quite evitable that the adolescence is the most important period.

capable of being avoided or warded off
Synonyms: avoidable, avertible, avertable,

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