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English-Hindi > export agent

export agent meaning in Hindi

export agent sentence in Hindi

• निर्यात अभिकर्ता
export    दूसरे देश के लिये
agent    बिचवई आढ़तिया
1."It's awful, " said Osmar Correia, president of the Paranagua Import-Export Agents Union.

2.It stars Carlos Thompson as Argentinian Carlos Varela, a successful import-export agent based in London.

3.The new chairman is Adnan Abdul Sahib Hassan, 52, who had been an import-export agent of foodstuffs.

4.However, since they were inexperienced in overseas trading, they simply sold the foreign rights to their films to foreign distribution firms or export agents.

5."This job action is having a devastating effect on container shipments through Paranagua, " said Osmar Correia, president of the Paranagua Import-Export Agents Union.

6.Bunge & Born's near-monopoly on cereal and flour exports ended with populist President Juan Per�n's 1946 establishment of the IAPI, a state agricultural purchasing and export agent.

7.An exception to this are import / export agents, which appear to be immune to state control due to their importance to the remnants of the economy.

8.In 2001-02, these co-operatives had obtained export licence for 228, 000 tonnes of sugar, but in collusion with export agents, diverted the sugar to the domestic market.

9.When John & Thomas Johnson, brothers and soap manufacturers from Runcorn, established an office in Liverpool in 1859, they appointed Wigg as the export agent for their trade with America.

10.These engines had been on their way to Floyd Clymer in the US; but Clymer had just died and his export agents, Mitchell's of Birmingham, were left to dispose of the engines.

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