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English-Hindi > expository

expository meaning in Hindi

expository sentence in Hindi
1.Expect to grit your teeth through the cloying expository opening scene.

2.These expository and pedagogical essays presented the subject for broad appreciation.

3.He has also taught in the expository writing program at Harvard.

4.It is condensed to quick, minimal scenes with expository dialog.

5.She's just started her first course, in expository writing.

6.In a series of clumsy expository scenes, we get the setup.

7.He did rather well, however, in expository writing.

8.MINUSES : The early scenes have a clunky expository feel.

9.Later sections also preserve this form but the style is more expository.

10.Ghazal singing and Qawwali are also important expository forms of Urdu poetry.

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serving to expound or set forth; "clean expository writing"
Synonyms: expositive,

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