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English-Hindi > externalize

externalize meaning in Hindi

externalize sentence in Hindi
1.To externalize this into brothers seems plausible for fiction or theater.

2.Externalizing behaviors refer to delinquent activities, aggression, and hyperactivity.

3.The second factor externalizes values and mores, thereby externalizing conscience.

4.And human nature being what it is, they externalize the blame.

5.Externalizing the dependencies into configuration files doesn't change this fact.

6.Their findings identified problematic externalizing behavior on subsequent substance dependency.

7.Aggression thus predicted only externalizing outcomes, and withdrawal only internalizing outcomes.

8.These selections served to focus on externalizing behaviors typical of aggressive adolescents.

9."Filmmaking is an opportunity to externalize, " she continued.

10.Lubanga is trying to externalize the problem by bringing in accusations against Uganda,

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make external or objective, or give reality to; "language externalizes our thoughts"
Synonyms: exteriorize, exteriorise, externalise, objectify,

regard as objective
Synonyms: project, externalise,

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