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eyry sentence in Hindi

"eyry" meaning in Hindieyry in a sentence
  • Eagles normally build their nests, called eyries, in tall trees or on high cliffs.
  • Additional hacking could even be conducted in urban areas when old nests, or eyries, were found atop buildings.
  • Until the 17th century, the primary means of conveying goods and people from these eyries was by means of baskets and ropes.
  • Other waterfowl include mallards, green-winged teal, and eyries can be seen high up in black cottonwood and dead conifers.
  • In a similar situation, little curlews in northeastern Siberia apparently gain some protection from predators by nesting close to golden eagle eyries.
  • In each case, the natural predators of these animals are just the right size for golden eagle prey, and therefore avoid active eyries.
  • In 1957, French researchers A . Djourno and C . Eyries, with the help of D . Kayser, provided the first detailed description of directly stimulation the auditory nerve in a human subject.
  • In 16 nests in the Ivory Coast's Ta?Forest, more than 60 % of remains around the eyries were monkeys and more than 45 % of remains were from " Cercopithecus " monkeys.
  • Many of these books, and some of his manuscripts, remain as of 2006 in the municipal library of Le Havre, and a street " Rue Jean Baptiste Eyries " was named after him in the city.
  • The " Knights of the Rose " met in a hideout discovered by Myles and Francis at the top of the oldest part of the castle, known as the " Brutus Tower, " which they called their Eyry ( hawk's nest ).
  • Originally, the massif was referred to as " The Golden Eyries ", which became corrupted to " Golden Ears " in reference to the pointy ears-like shape of the double summit of the mountain now named Golden Ears.
  • In a study on Amchitka Island from 1968-1973, it was found that an average of 18.6 eyries on the island ( over the course of the study ) were in no close proximity to seabird colonies as no sizable colonies existed on the island.
  • Gerard Eyries, marketing manager for Bayer's agricultural division in France, states that studies confirm that imidacloprid leaves a small residue in nectar and pollen, but there is no evidence of a link with the drop in France's bee population, adding, " It is impossible to have zero residue.

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