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English-Hindi > fabella

fabella meaning in Hindi

fabella sentence in Hindi
1.Tony Fabella was a consistent honor student in Pagsanjan, Laguna.

2.Fabella was born in Paris, France to Filipino parents.

3.Fabella was named to various positions in the government of Assistant Executive Secretary.

4.Erlinda was already incoherent when she was brought to Fabella Medical Center in Manila.

5.It is also near the Fabella Memorial Hospital, which is near the jail.

6.In the year 1970, Antonio Limuaco Fabella retired from dancing and ventured into choreography.

7.His father, Vicente K . Fabella, was the founder of Jose Rizal College.

8.Erlinda Ibahan, admitted to the Fabella Memorial Medical Center, was having severe abdominal pains.

9.Fabella was elected to the National Academy of Science and Technology ( NAST ) in 1995.

10.A wet market was soon added, and the Fabella Memorial Hospital was established inside the compound.

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